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A short story relative to Of Moths & Butterflies.

While on his way to his mistress’ cottage, Miles Wyndham crosses paths with a ghost, who bears a message of warning.

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Cry of the Peacock

by V.R. Christensen

After the death of her father, Abbie Gray is offered a place within her wealthy landlord’s family. Such an opportunity, however, seems perhaps too good to be true, particularly since her own family’s feelings towards Sir Nicholas and Lady Crawford have always been tinged with resentment. But, at last having exhausted all other alternatives, Abbie accepts the invitation, determined to make the most of this extraordinary opportunity.

While Abbie is being groomed according to the ideals of Society—and of the eldest son, heir to title and property—the younger brothers attempt to expose her as the mercenary they believe she must be. But when they discover that her mysterious past is disturbingly connected with their own, they are forced to ask themselves some very hard questions about the meaning of integrity and honor, and, perhaps most importantly of all, what it means to be worthy of the title “gentleman.”




The Scattered Proud

by Gev Sweeney

Is obsession just another word for hope?

For young Janet Watters, life is a journey whose path is dictated by others. For Kit DeWaere, the promising, idealistic son of the local rector, life is what you make of it. Janet has always looked to Kit for guidance and comfort, but when the yellow fever epidemic of 1793 sends them fleeing Philadelphia, the lifelong friends are separated.

Reuniting with Kit five years later in revolution-weary Paris, Janet finds they are little more than acquaintances. Married to an émigreé, Kit is now in charge of a houseful of discarded humanity and of a secret mission which threatens to prove deadly. Perhaps Kit, after all, is not the person Janet’s always thought him. To abandon him, though, would be to deny beliefs that have sustained her since childhood and to expose a love she wasn’t supposed to have yet couldn’t resist.

Will the horrors of life and of a revolution gone wrong at last drive Janet from the boy of her dreams to the man of her heart?


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